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The Nage no Kata was developed in 1884 and 1885 at the Kodokan. This kata consists of 5 sets of three throws, each performed on both the left and right sides. The two participants formally bow onto the mat and begin the kata with the tori, or thrower, on your right and the uke, or person being thrown, on your left. In each case, the uke attempts an attack on tori. There is a progression of attack styles here, demonstrating how tori must adjust to these differing attacks. Uke then changes his attacks based on the previous adjustments made by tori.

Kime no Kata is composed of 8 techniques. Applying techniques of throwing and grappling to which body attack techniques are added, Kime no Kata is formulated to aim to acquire the most basic and effective way of defending ourselves from unexpected attack of others. 

Ju no Kata can be practised by two people without any special clothing or equipment. It resembles the willow that the doctor Akiyama Shinobu noticed whilst meditating. Whilst other trees were losing branches to heavy snow, the willow just let the snow fall off and its branches sprang up again without damage. Like the willow we use some strength in ju no kata as we must both keep a strong root to maintain good balance.